Backups are essential to business continuity

Backups are essential to business continuity

July 25

While business owners may lose sleep over the various disasters that could cripple their companies, investing in data backup software may allow them to rest easy. However, according to Steve Cerocke of the Reno Gazette-Journal, many business owners don’t know if their data is safe from a system crash, fire, theft, or other catastrophe.

Cerocke wrote that while there have been many advances in data protection and recovery software, many organizations still suffer from data loss because they don’t know the best practices for developing a disaster recovery plan. From examining how long the company will be out of commission following a crisis to if its data is stored in a secure place, a business needs to know certain facts in order to ensure it is ready for any eventuality.

The cloud gives businesses a safe place to store data, while also offering fast and flexible recovery solutions. Cloud-based data backup software allows a business to recovery quickly, automate backup processes, and practice business continuity every day.

With these tools, a company can ensure not only that its data is recoverable from loss, but that it can get back up and running quickly should such an event occur.