Backup Images, For Posterity

Backup Images, For Posterity

September 6


An image is generally a representation or reproduction of the original; a copy. Science has taught us that for every copy, certain information is lost. Placing an image in the copy machine and copying the copy and copying that copy and so on will eventually result in a highly degraded version of the original. In a digital world, copying is mostly perfect. You can easily sit down and copy a song into multiple locations or copy and email a document to a colleague with zero loss in information.

When a business decides to incorporate a backup and disaster recovery plan, they will discover that when it comes to backing up systems and data to a disk-based system (rather than a tape-based system), backup data is simply an image (a backup image) or snapshot of information on their computer. Unlike a digital camera, these snapshots are exact, and no information is lost. For example, the backup disk image created by ShadowProtect is a perfect, point-in-time snapshot of a computer or server.

Once ShadowProtect creates a full disk image, it takes periodic incremental images. A business can restore a computer based on the information of the most recent image. It’s like stepping into an old photo of your high-school prom (remember the disco theme?), giving you another chance to pick up from that point should anything go wrong.

If you take enough photos, you’ll find yourself in need of a photo album. If you take enough backup images, you’ll likewise need a way to organize them. That’s where StorageCraft’s image management console ShadowControl ImageManager comes in. ShadowControl ImageManager is your digital image album. It allows you to decide which images you will keep for how long, where and how to consolidate, verify the integrity of the images, and even replicate offsite. ShadowControl ImageManager is equipped with HeadStart Restore, our patented technology, which sets aside pieces of data to effectively build a virtual machine before disaster strikes. With HeadStart Restore, the virtual machine is 95 percent ready to go, so in case of emergency, you keep downtime to a very bare minimum. (You’ll be doing the hustle in minutes).

At home, we keep photos for posterity. We know that in the future we will want to look at them (our disc-o backup images) and reminisce, maybe show our children how cool daddy’s afro was. In our business, we keep our disk images to protect the future of our business.