Backup and recovery at the top of disaster checklists

Backup and recovery at the top of disaster checklists

December 4

According to ITWeb, a simple checklist can help any company prevent data-related disasters, and effective backup and recovery software should be at the top of that list. From security to improved database administration, the checklist provides businesses with the tips and advice they need to improve data flow and make disaster recovery more efficient, but the most important thing for a company to invest in is the software to help it back up that data and recover it as needed.

No matter the size of the business, the industry it is in, or the model it uses for operations, all companies use data, and keeping that data safe should be a top priority. However, going about this differs greatly based on other technologies a business uses. Should a company utilize the cloud as its primary data storage service, it may want to implement a backup hard drive solution rather than continue using the cloud for its data backups, and vice versa. For many businesses, data backup planning requires an examination of current processes, and seeing how to improve them.

Protecting databases from loss and disaster isn’t only about backup software either – it also requires the right mindset. An examination of daily operations for security flaws, increased preparedness planning for major disasters, and investments into new hardware to help prevent system failures all drastically affect the success of disaster recovery.

For many businesses, it is time to reexamine disaster preparedness efforts, ensure that the company is doing everything it can to reduce risks, and implement new technologies and strategies to promote success. Considering advice like that of ITWeb and other sources can help kick-start these efforts, but the first step must always be internal.