Backing up data an easy choice for small businesses

Backing up data an easy choice for small businesses

July 19

When faced with the decision of whether or not to back up their data, small businesses find the answer an easy one, according to the Tri-Parish Times. Losing files could cripple a business or even potentially topple a government, and even consumers will say losing their personal photos, music, and videos is troubling. For any business and organization, it is an easy dilemma to solve though.

Then why aren’t more companies doing so?

According to the news source, only one out of every six businesses has an adequate disaster recovery plan. This could be due to not knowing their options, or not being able to find affordable backup and recovery software. However, there are solutions designed for businesses of every size and industry, from backup hard drive options to the cloud.

With so many backup services out there though, it can be difficult for a company to find one that best suits its operational needs. Consumer-oriented cloud storage does not provide the necessary security or scalability that a business needs. Additionally, simply storing backups in on-site servers could put data at just as much risk as not backing up data at all, as the same sorts of disasters could affect primary and backup systems alike.

Online backup solutions require a careful analysis of workflow needs so that employees days are not interrupted by backing up data, as well as a full understanding of what the backup process entails. One key component of choosing a system backup solution is understanding that the first backup is always the most difficult.

“The first backup is generally the biggest one,” Zack Karsan, an industry expert, told the news source. “That is when you are taking everything one time.”

An online, cloud-based solution also gives a business added security. If a natural disaster strikes and federal data retention compliance comes to light, speed will be key for a business, and the cloud offers flexible access so that documents can be recovered swiftly, at no risk to data compliance.

With any backup solution, a business has to ensure that it matches its everyday data needs, or data loss will still be a significant risk. Backup and recovery is simply a matter of time – the frequency of backups and the speed of recovery.