Backing up data is more reliable than trying to restore it

Backing up data is more reliable than trying to restore it

June 14

Data restoration is a useful service for many businesses. If a backup hard drive or server is damaged, the hardware can be recovered and restored in order to rescue the lost data. The city of Mukilteo, Washington, recently discovered how beneficial these services can be after a city computer system crash rendered five hard drives, nine virtual servers, and at least two backup devices unusable.

The drives were sent to a data recovery specialization company, which was able to recover the majority of the information, according to the Mukilteo Beacon, but the city could have lost valuable data. Such occurrences can be prevented with a backup and recovery software system.

“We need off-site backups,” city councilmember and IT expert Kevin Stoltz told the news source. “You should never be without an off-site backup.”

The city now plans to invest in off-site hard drive and server backup solutions with its new computer system, according to the report.

Data backup solutions help a business avoid these issues by storing copies of data for fast and easy recovery on a set schedule, so that the company doesn’t have to hope that the hardware is salvageable after a disaster.