Back up your backups, PC Pro says

Back up your backups, PC Pro says

April 20

These days, it may no longer be enough for organizations to place all of their eggs in one basket when it comes to backup and recovery software. Instead, a recent PC Pro report noted, companies should develop backup strategies for their backup data to ensure all threats are neutralized.

“It’s probably becoming clear now that no individual method of backing up your data is ever going to be 100 percent safe,” the report stated. “There is always the possibility of something going wrong whatever system you use, which is why the clever money says you should use more than one.”

In response to such developments, some companies have taken a hybrid approach to data backup and recovery that leverages both traditional and new technologies to completely protect enterprise data.

For example, many organizations continue to rely on local backup. Now, however, it may no longer be their primary solution to the data protection challenge. It is instead utilized for long-term archiving, which may include information that is needed to be kept and protected for compliance reasons.

Online backup and other cloud-based services are then used for shorter-term storage. Essentially, the information that must remain accessible and that needs to be restored first following an IT incident is migrated to the cloud.