Avoiding virtualized storage performance issues

Avoiding virtualized storage performance issues

October 8

As companies continue to look for innovative ways to reduce IT expenses, enhance data backup solutions, and boost support of their digital environments, virtualization is gaining momentum in the private sector. In many cases, enterprises using desktop or server virtualization integrate the technologies with advanced storage systems to ensure performance is not hindered by excessive traffic.

It is therefore important that decision-makers address issues that could cause bottlenecks and other problems that impact operations. To do so, executives need to consider the solutions that will be deployed in the virtualized environment and determine how they will affect storage and retrieval processes, according to a report by TechTarget.

Since each application has its own requirements and parameters, IT departments need to inspect how varying tools will work together and if their collaboration will impact capacity and performance, the news source said. Virtualized environments have also added the challenge of combining various types of solutions under a single roof, meaning data volume and content is highly diverse, making it harder to manage.

“Therefore, enterprises must not view an enterprise storage system as a panacea to data storage,” wrote Ben Woo, the author of the report. “Simply integrating an enterprise storage system, particularly in a virtualized server and desktop environment, can often result in creating performance bottlenecks within the storage network.”

Eliminating storage performance bottlenecks
The report said companies should consider how data can be protected and enhanced while in the virtual environment and implement the right tools that enable IT departments to monitor activity in the digital landscape.

A separate report by Network World echoed the importance of finding efficient performance monitoring tools that provide real-time feedback into the infrastructure. If a firm does not have live management solutions, it will not be able to generate a whole picture as to what is slowing down traffic and impeding overall operations. As a result, the organization will not be able to remain competitive with rival firms.

Network World also said decision-makers need to implement capacity planning tools that will reduce the chances of bottlenecks occurring from long-term, slow-moving data.

As companies continue to turn to virtualized storage environments in an effort to enhance server backup systems, it will be increasingly important that IT departments leverage the appropriate tools to ensure performance is not hindered by excessive data or problematic solutions.