Avoiding disaster recovery solutions may spell doom for businesses

Avoiding disaster recovery solutions may spell doom for businesses

February 7

The need for disaster recovery solutions has perhaps never been greater, especially following the destruction many businesses experienced during Hurricane Sandy in 2012. An online backup and recovery vendor recently highlighted the importance of such protective measures, including for small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) that cannot afford to be closed for extended periods of time.

The service provider found that IT managers said the average recovery time for their firms is approximately 30 hours, which could ultimately impact companies in a number of ways. Businesses that are offline for days can lose revenue and customers.

Randy Mateo, IT manager at California Bankers Association, asserted that companies need to adopt a disaster recovery solution to avoid such mishaps in the future.

“In the case of hardware failure, most people have faith that their system will failover, saving them from system downtime. Unfortunately, this is not always the case,” Mateo said. “Recovery after hardware failures can take especially long, so it’s particularly important to deploy a disaster recovery solution that gets employees working again in minutes, rather than days.”

Despite its importance, many companies are still neglecting disaster preparedness. A recent joint survey conducted by SolarWinds and Network World found that as many as 25 percent of businesses do not have any recovery plans, putting these firms at riskĀ of losing their most important data and systems.

The need to implement effective recovery solutions is especially pressing given the fact that 27 percent of organizations have experienced office closures, while more than 30 percent have been unable to operate for more than a week.

Industry professionals always caution businesses to be prepared for the unexpected, because there will inevitably be another major disaster at some point.