Now’s Your Chance to “Ask Steve”

Now’s Your Chance to “Ask Steve”

November 13

I was almost hit by lightning once while delivering newspapers in the rain.  This statement isn’t meant to start a conversation about the risks of managing a paper route as a 14 year old boy.  Instead, it’s meant to illustrate that I’ve had an interesting relationship with newspapers since my childhood.  I remember the CRAYON (Create Your Own Newspaper) movement encouraging us to build personalized online web pages.  I remember subscribing to the Wall Street Journal in college.  And I have always enjoyed Dilbert’s sense of humor.  I also remember reading and being entertained by the advice columns.  It seemed that anyone could write in and ask the columnist just about any question under the sun, and the columnist would formulate an interesting and often humorous response.  I would like to do the same thing here.

I would like to offer you (the reader) the option of submitting a question or request and I (as the columnist) will do my best to provide a meaningful answer worthy of your time.  This seems simple enough, right?  So, here is how it works.  Simply come up with a technical question, it doesn’t have to be a question about StorageCraft products specifically, though that is encouraged.  The question could be about anything in the IT sector.  It could be about emerging technologies, current trends, or simply some technical concept you’re curious about but haven’t had the time to research.  Whatever your question is, simply send the question as an email to Marketing[at] and we’ll get it.

At this point we’ll select a question and I will begin putting together an answer.  Both the question and the answer will be included in a subsequent blog post entry.  In addition, if you are the lucky participant whose question we pick, we will send you a gift to thank you for your contribution, so please include your contact information in your email message so that we know where to send your gift.  Anyone can enter, so pass this opportunity along to your friends to give them a chance as well.

I look forward to your technical questions and good luck!

Photo Credit: Matt McGee via Compfight cc