Are businesses ready for Hurricane Isaac?

Are businesses ready for Hurricane Isaac?

August 28

Hurricane Isaac will be the first major storm to strike the United States this hurricane season, and businesses along the Gulf Coast need to ensure their disaster recovery strategies are ready.

With offshore drilling operations halted and the storm expected to make landfall as a Category 1 hurricane, companies along the coast should be making last-minute preparations to ensure business continuity. The question that organizations in the affected areas should be asking is whether their disaster recovery software is up to the challenge. The key to successful disaster recovery is having a recent enough backup that can minimize data loss, and being able to recover that digital information swiftly once operations can resume.

For businesses getting ready for a natural disaster, the cloud is the most reliable solution for data protection. With online backup services, the company will be able to recover data at any time after the disaster, relying only on having a working computer, server, and internet connection. Even if the company isn’t in danger of physical threat, solutions that back up and protect information are still essential.

By implementing a strategy that includes backup hard drive options, a business will be able to back up and recover data almost immediately after a power outage or system crash is resolved. However, hard drives stored in a company’s home office will be at just as much risk as the original machines should a storm or earthquake occur. As such, businesses should consider investing in both physical and online backup to cover their bases.

With a hybrid cloud and hard drive backup solution, a business will be able to expedite its data backup software in non-natural disasters, but still have the off-site protection of the cloud should a hurricane, tornado, or other crisis occur.