Apple’s leash on users may need loosening

Apple’s leash on users may need loosening

June 27

The plethora of i-Products on the market makes Apple a prime example of a niche market for data backup solutions. With iCloud and a variety of other services, the company has its own methods for meeting backup demands, but there are still-third party vendors looking to cut in where they see room for improvement.

In the age of bring-your-own-device, businesses must consider backup solutions that work across mobile platforms, including Windows, Android, and BlackBerry devices. Modern business demands more flexibility than that offered by iCloud, which requires manual updates and an expensive software package to run on anything but Apple devices. Online backups are a good idea, even if a company is only using one platform, but portability and accessibility should always be factors.

Data management software is also available from a variety of online and disk-based providers, seeing as iCloud is prone to service failures. Online data storage is another big market, with services targeting the growing need for diversity in disaster recovery situations where relying on a computer to manage backup software may not be effective. Businesses especially need diversification, and third parties are capable of filling that void.

The push here is to find a variety of utilities for products rather than staying with a single provider. In the event that a business can’t access iCloud or the Apple suite should crash, they will need better business continuity planning to ensure it doesn’t take a loss. Apple is looking to expand hard drive backups to its Genius Bar by 2013, but that would still require a trip to the Apple store for recovery, a solution that may not be viable for bigger organizations with larger volumes of data.