Being able to keep a business running smoothly is more critical than ever in today’s competitive environment, and any interruption in service can lead to serious – even fatal – consequences.

But trying to keep a business continually operating at a high level is demanding for any organization. Just consider some of the challenges:

That’s why cloud backup is so important to business continuity today: It provides a way to access and recover data quickly and easily. Without it, organizations risk customers moving onto the competition and never returning.

Here are some ways that your business can survive – and thrive – when using cloud backup:

At a time when businesses face malicious cyberattacks, growing international competition and new compliance measures, cloud backup offers a fast and easy way to manage the organization seamlessly while growing customer loyalty and boosting brand awareness.

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  • Thanks for the post. We are currently in the process of reviewing our current "inefficient"" disaster recovery plan."

  • i impress regarding your product,now it is also available world wide,i am also worker for the same nature of beverage manufacturing, it is different from the beer of saudi.......cheer up

  • Why was the Durability not considered in this article? Disk drives are generally warranted for 1-3 years and ends life by 5 years. The risk of bad blocks in disks are higher than tape. and tape life time exceeds 15 years.

  • John,

    Excellent comments! Thank you for contributing to this blog post by sharing your ideas and experience. We're all about creative ways of using our amazing tools.

    I wanted to also point out that there are some USB drives that don't work as a bootable device. Also, I'm using a third party software which we don't support. So StorageCraft doesn't officially support putting the Recovery Environment on a USB at this time. My intent with this article is to spur discussion and creative thinking.

    Many times we'll hear great comments like yours on ways to use our product that we hadn't thought of before. We rely on this constructive feedback to constantly improve upon the product.

    Please, keep those comments coming. We're glad you're finding new ways of using our tools to make your lives easier.


  • I did the same thing using command line to make my usb bootable and extracting the .iso to the flash drive using WinRAR.

    Rather than using a 2gb just to accomodate the SP iso, I used a 64gb drive so that I can take an image of the machine I'm booting and save straight to the flash drive rather than setting up a share and bringing network speed to a crawl while I back up the device. But that's just my 2 cents.

  • Great post on exchange server email recovery. One more tip to users of exchange server and Outlook, if you have no hope to recover from exchange server you can check the recovery with Outlook OST files from each user.
    It may be some hectic task but I am sure your data worth much more than that

  • There's that old adage: "Garbage in, garbage out."" Computers are tools to get the job done, and while yelling at that hammer might unload some of the hurt, we hardly think it's really the hammer's fault for hitting the thumb. :)"

    • Thanks for the comment, James.

      That sounds a bit expensive per MB, hopefully the cost will decline in the near future.

  • With companies like Samsung & Apple giving away free cloud stroage option with their smartphones, I think cloud storage will become quite famous on smartphones.

  • ASCII and our almost 1,000 members in every state of the US is focused on this trend and we are working at headquarters to implement these services.

    • That's awesome, Alan. It's great to have apps that meet an organization's specific needs. We'll see ASCII at the next event in Florida on March 21!

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