Americans don’t prioritize data backup

Americans don’t prioritize data backup

April 14

Experts and industry organizations recently celebrated World Backup Day on March 31, but a poll conducted in conjunction with the event revealed the need for further awareness regarding data protection practices’ benefits.

According to ZDNet, Trend Micro conducted a poll to gauge Americans’ sentiments when it comes to backing up data, and it was revealed that few prioritize the process. Among the 1,000 people the company surveyed, 39 percent said they never back up their data, while 24 percent said they do so at least once each month.

Another 19 percent only back up their information once each year, which, according to ZDNet, is asking for trouble.

“Between security breaches, lost devices, and gadgets that simply stop working after awhile, that’s pretty irresponsible,” the report stated.

Regardless of whether their important information refers to photos or music files, tax information, or company contracts, backing up data is something that all users should practice. With services like online backup, experts say, robust technology to protect and store data is now available.