Amazon Down, One More Disaster Recovery Reminder

Amazon Down, One More Disaster Recovery Reminder

April 25

The Amazon retail website was down on Tuesday in some regions in North America. The Amazon retail issue comes after an S3 outage in March brought down several major Internet services.

Outage Report mentioned that the Amazon servers have been having issues since 2.39 AM EST.  The website classified the incident as a ‘medium’ severity. Amazon seems to be down in parts of San Francisco, Los Angeles, Seattle and San Diego on the West Coast and New York, Boston and Washington, D.C. on the East Coast.

Amazon Down, Entertains Customers With Corgis

Customer reported a variety of error messages. Some were directed to 404 or 503 error pages, others displayed a message stating that the website was temporarily unavailable. However, the most popular errors shared by Amazon customers to Twitter simply pointed to the fact that the company’s servers were having a ‘ruff’ time.

Do You Have a Disaster Recovery Plan In Place?

The Amazon retail website goes down after just recently, the company’s S3 hosting services caused widespread issues with other online services. Netflix, Skype, Spotify and other businesses were unable to service their customers due to an Amazon S3 admin error that required a server restart. Reports show that Amazon owns over 40% of the cloud market, and hosts over 150,00 sites – and any disruption in its services is bound to cause problems for a number of businesses.

The incident is yet another reminder of how quick recovery plans are crucial to business continuity. Data availability is key to ensure that downtime has minimal impact on revenue and company reputation. And his holds true whether we are talking about cloud SaaS data, hybrid or on-premises systems.

… and Can a Doggo Image Make Downtime Fun?

Recent statistics show that just one minute of unplanned downtime costs businesses, on average, $926. So it pays to be able to appease your customers with a quick recovery process. To make sure your recovery is buttoned up, you might want to make sure you partner with a backup software vendor that has years of experience with taming downtime.

And if you can’t, you might as well have a strategy for entertaining them while engineers fix your servers, like Amazon did. Corgis, apparently, can help get a customer from fuming to fuzzy in no time.