All companies need a business continuity strategy

All companies need a business continuity strategy

July 9

Beyond backing up data and ensuring that operations are secure should disaster strike, all companies need a tested and reliable business continuity strategy so they can survive a natural disaster or simple system crash. According to the Telegraph, this means preparing for worst and trying to foresee every eventuality should a crisis occur.

“Downtime, however it rears its head – fire, flood, power outages, transport strikes, hardware failure – will hurt your business financially,” Robert Rutherford, a managing director for a U.K.-based IT outsourcing firm, told the news source. “You should consider all possibilities and have a documented strategy to deal with as many risks as you can identify.”

The key to preparing for disaster is ensuring that the business has a plan for keeping data, and employees, safe. This means implementing data backup software and training employees on how to remain calm, secure, and proactive during a crisis. It also means testing those strategies and training every employee in them.

When it comes to disaster recovery, it is important both the technology and human sides are in place to maximize the chance of the business surviving.