Activating Your Free ShadowProtect Desktop Edition

Thank you for stopping by the StorageCraft event booth and picking up a serial number for ShadowProtect 5 Desktop for your personal use.  Your complimentary copy of ShadowProtect Desktop retails at USD $89.95, but as an attendee of our event, we’re happy to provide it to you free of charge!


You can use ShadowProtect 5 Desktop to backup and recover any laptop or desktop running Windows XP, Windows 7 or Windows 8.  Also, by using ShadowProtect 5 Desktop, you’re becoming familiar with ShadowProtect 5 Server and ShadowProtect 5 Virtual since the code base, features, and functionality are the same– only the license is unique for a Windows physical or virtual server.

Use the serial number you received at Microsoft Worldwide Partner Conference to activate and fully enable a trial version of ShadowProtect 5 Desktop (including a year of maintenance and technical support).  Follow the process below to activate your copy of ShadowProtect 5 Desktop:

  1. Download the trial version of ShadowProtect 5 Desktop
  2. Install the trial version of ShadowProtect 5 Desktop
  3. Start the trial version of ShadowProtect 5 Desktop
  4. Go to the Help menu, to “Product Activation”product_activation
  5. Enter the serial number and click Activateserialnumber

This will fully enable your version of ShadowProtect 5 Desktop.

If you have any problems, submit a support request at the StorageCraft Technical Support Center.

Enjoy your copy of ShadowProtect 5 Desktop!