ABS and StorageCraft: A New Formula for BDR Reliability

ABS and StorageCraft: A New Formula for BDR Reliability

March 8

Advanced Backup Solutions (ABS) is a leading provider of data backup and disaster recovery services. When they need to recommend replacement solutions, the business stakes are always high. ABS partners cover a wide range of vertical markets and business sizes from SMB to enterprise. They all gave end clients that count on them daily to keep their businesses moving with proven IT solutions. The ABS case study story shows the importance of BDR reliability.

Your Clients Deserve Legendary BDR Reliability

Since 2005, ABS has made a name for themselves by enabling IT service providers to automate data protection measures for their customers. They provide enterprise-level reliability, scalability and cost efficiency with their services. Where StorageCraft enters the story is by delivering the backup and disaster recovery technology that ABS uses in their trusted Continuity Appliance. This is how ABS attracted industry-leading service partners like IT4 in Medford, MA and Second Star Technologies in Bakersfield, CA.

Your Clients Deserve StorageCraft

Read the full case study to learn how ABS and StorageCraft swept away the competition by:

  • Reducing prices for partners and end users
  • Making back up and recovery more profitable for resellers
  • Solving data compression problems
  • Increasing back up speed and performance
  • Ensuring reliability and peace of mind for everyone