A Warm Thank You From StorageCraft!

A Warm Thank You From StorageCraft!

November 21

We work hard to ensure that our partners, employees, and their families know that we appreciate their efforts and their continued patronage year around. But as Thanksgiving approaches, we’d like to take a little extra time to thank everyone that makes StorageCraft possible and to look at all the things we are grateful for as an organization and as employees or partners of StorageCraft.

What is StorageCraft thankful for?

StorageCraft couldn’t do what we do without our fantastic partners, who provide us with the opportunity to share our products and give them tools they can use to protect their clients’ and their own assets, as well as engaging with us and providing us with thought leadership, idea-sharing and camaraderie.

We’re also thankful for our growing team of employees who work tirelessly in every department from sales to marketing to development to support and everywhere in between. Without their indefatigable efforts, we wouldn’t be able to continue to grow and meet our goals as an organization.

What are our employees thankful for?

Jeremy Madsen, one of our IT superstars, and Matthew Rayback, our master content writer, are thankful for sleep—not because either of them are lazy, but because their sleep has been taken away by something they are even more thankful for: newborn children.

Our brand new technical marketing manager Steven Snyder sat with starry eyes as he took an inventory of the things he is thankful for before sharing the most important: his family, friends, classic rock, warm weather and modern technology.

Director of product marketing Laura Shafer has a large family that is scattered around the country. She is thankful that this Christmas they will all be together.

Executive assistant Angela Smith and public relations/social media manager Laura Goulding  smiled saying they were thankful for each other before going on to express their appreciation for things like pumpkin pie, nachos, The Beastie Boys, boots, and Blu-ray players.

Channel marketing manager Aaron Lee smiled sardonically as he said he was thankful for mint brownies.

What are our partners thankful for? 

Brian Stogsdill, Director of Technical Operations at Treasure Valley IT, and guest blogger, is thankful to have such a healthy family and a flourishing company.

John Benjamin, managing director and CTO at CAVU networks, explained that he lives in a small community and that he is thankful for his great customers, community and especially his two healthy 8-year-old boys.

Eric Wichhart of Connect U Consulting is thankful that “ShadowProtect saved my bacon yesterday when it saved me two days of rebuilding a server when active directory was corrupted and the server would not boot into active directory restore mode. I was able to restore the c: partition in 10 minutes and bring the server back online in an hour,” though we’ll assume he’s also thankful for his family.

Mike Fraser, CEO of VDI Space said, “We live in difficult economic times, many are barely able to make ends meet. Even so, there is a bond that still brings family, friends, and everyone else together this Thanksgiving: compassion. I am thankful for compassion; the ability to give. Give it on.”

How can you help?

Most of us have far too few fingers and toes to fully count all of our blessings. There are those that have been ravaged by recent storms or who have fallen on hard times that still need help.  1 out of 6 Americans face hunger, while the LA times projects that Americans will waste around 200 million pounds of Thanksgiving turkey this year. It’s important at this time to share some of the blessings you have and donate your time, money, or non-perishable food items to organizations like your local food bank or even make purchases from the online registries dedicated to helping those affected by super storm Sandy in both New York and New Jersey. With your help, those less fortunate can have something to be grateful for as well.


What are you thankful for?