The Best Free Sales Tools Some Backup Vendors Aren’t Using

The Best Free Sales Tools Some Backup Vendors Aren’t Using

August 15

For some organizations, sales start and end with a list of leads and a telephone. Though the tried-and-true methods will always have value, handy sales tools exist that a lot of backup vendors either don’t use or don’t use consistently. Add these arrows to your sales quiver to help you shoot your way to new business and even help you get more sales from existing customers.

The best free sales tools (and a few paid ones too)

CRM software

How are you keeping track of all your customers and leads? Do you have a neat, easy way to keep tabs on client information? Spreadsheets get the job done, but a good CRM (customer relationship management) tool is the best way to track interactions, client history, sales, and contact information. Plus, many CRM tools offer valuable insights about clients that might help you identify services and products they’ll find beneficial.

Free or Freemium tools: Hubspot CRM, Free CRM, Suite CRM

Paid tools: Salesforce, Microsoft Dynamics

Email marketing platforms

Related to CRM (and often integrated with CRM) are email marketing platforms. Are you keeping in touch with your current customers? What about your lead lists? If you’re not maintaining regular contact through emails, it might be time to start. In addition to offering useful information to current clients and prospects, you can let them know about promotions, special offers, or any new services and products they might find useful.

Free or Freemium tools: MailChimp, Constant Contact

Paid tools: Hubspot, Marketo, Dotmailer, Pardot

Survey and research tools

The more you know about current clients and your target audience, the better equipped you are to offer them solutions they actually need. The best way to do that? Ask them. Using survey software, you can gauge how much value you’re currently bringing customers, as well as learn what they might find useful in their businesses and work to shape new services based on those needs. For targets, many survey platforms will let you create and send surveys to panels of your choice, allowing you to filter panelists by things like occupation, income, interests, and more. This way, you can get insight into various business types, determine what their pain points are, and develop services that address them.

Free or Freemium tools: Survey Monkey, Zoho

Paid tools: Qualtrics, Checkbox

RMM tools

Remote monitoring and management tools let you keep tabs on equipment remotely. For many solution providers, the ability to keep an eye on (and even troubleshoot) equipment from a central location doesn’t sound like a sales tool. But it is when you consider the fact that it gives you a new way to sell services. Rather than responding to issues by sending a truck and technician to fix them as they happen, you can collect a monthly fee for proactive maintenance as you keep an eye on security, updates, patches, and backups—all without sending a technician out.

Free or Freemium Tools: Spiceworks

Paid Tools: Continuum, Solar Winds

PSA Tools

While RMM tools let you keep an eye on remote equipment, PSA tools help you automate much of the business end. From ticket management to time tracking, billing, client management, and more, PSA tools can do a lot of things CRM software can do, but they’re built with service providers in mind. How is this a sales tool, you ask? By streamlining your customer service processes and being super simple to work with, you’re proving to clients you have their IT handled. That type of trust is what keeps them coming back for more and more services as they grow.

Free or Freemium Tools: ManageEngine

Paid Tools: Connectwise, Kaseya


Although these tools can aid with sales and marketing, the best way to find more business is to provide excellent services and a great value to your clients. If they trust you and love the services you provide, you’ll be the first person they recommend. By slowly building a network of happy customers, you’ll get referrals that can keep you flush with new clients for many years to come. What better sales tool can you ask for?