7 Technologies That MSP’s are Thankful For

7 Technologies That MSP’s are Thankful For

November 24

From remote monitoring and deployment, to enterprise-grade backup and recovery solutions, we’ve made a top of the most popular technologies that MSP’s are thankful for this year (and the next, and possibly for the rest of their lives). Now, we know there are many other things that do lead to sighs of relief in the MSP community. The critical moment when you realize your data is backed up in three locations, that little victory when your network defenses block an attack, or even the quiet breaks you get to play with your Raspberry Pi because no one has crashed the printer today (yet). Last but not least, they are grateful for that witty end user who got to Google his problem and solve it before hitting IT Helpdesk with an email.

But we’re all about technology, so we’ve rounded up give of the most useful technologies that constantly make life easier for network administrators around the world.

PSA (Professional Services Automation) Tools

Tools like Autotask and ConnectWise have set the standard when it comes to Professional Services Automation. There’s no other way to work, in the IT management world. These technologies make it possible to automate business processes, streamline operations and even come with dashboards that allow you to monitor your SLA’s and any other user-related information.

RMM (Remote Monitoring and Management) Tools

RMM tools are a godsend for MSP’s. There are a few players in the MSP space that can actually recall what it was like to get into your car and drive to a user’s location to fix his computer or help with anything. That is a thing of the past, as remote monitoring tools will alert the service provider of issues and allow him to manage his customer’s IT infrastructure from his cozy HQ.

Cloud Services

The many benefits of cloud services are well known by now. Cloud technology improves efficiency, aids collaboration and gives your workforce the flexibility it needs to become more productive. For MSP’s, cloud services offer the benefit of secure encryption, coupled with speedy disaster recovery.

Network Security Solutions

There’s a long-standing idea that antivirus is dead, but that just doesn’t hold up among IT professionals. Many MSP’s are still using enterprise-grade solutions for malware removal, just because they work. Removing a virus or other threats without these types of solution becomes a hassle otherwise. You’d need to reinstall the OS or recover from a backup.


Virtualization is one of the technologies that has clearly transformed the business setting. Virtual machines will help you make the most out of your infrastructure. It helps allocate resources like available CPU and RAM more efficiently. Moreover, it will help you scale out without a lot of expense.

Patch Manager

Patching is never fun. Not for the end user, whose work is intrerrupted, and not for the service providers, who are are always looking at some manual tasks that will take up some of their time. Luckily, patch management systems make it all easier with automation. This way, you can maintain efficiency and integrity of IT systems without a lot of hassle.

Backup and Recovery Solutions

MSP’s will always be grateful for a reliable backup and recovery solution. This is because money-making operations for their clients can always be shut down by an unforseen event. Floods, fires, hurricanes, hardware failure, human error or data corruption are all scenarios that can happen any given day. Add up the perils of malicious data delete and cyberattacks (that have become very common events lately), and you’ve got a whole list of things to worry about. A backup and recovery solution will keep a business engine humming at all times.

MSP’s can be thankful for all this and many other wonders of technology. What are you thankful for?