60 Seconds in the Internet

60 Seconds in the Internet

September 27

The internet is blindingly fast these days, and a lot can happen very quickly. According to a recent infographic from Intel, thenumber of networked devices is equal to the global population (at the time of writing, that’s 7,041,637,744 according to the US Census Bureau) and by 2015 will double it. With all these networked devices, a whole lot can happen in sixty seconds.

The infographic was made to show what happens in one minute on the internet, highlighting some security threats, while also showing massive growth in social media sites, and application downloads—further reinforcing their importance as useful tools for marketing your business.

Here are a few things that happen in a mere sixty seconds online:

–          135 botnet infections (194,400/day)

–          20 new victims of identity theft (28,800/day)

–          100+ new Linkedin accounts (144,000/day)

–          320+ new Twitter accounts and 100,000 tweets (460,800/day, 144,000,000/day)

–          6 million Facebook page views and 277,000 logins (8.6 billion/day, 398 million/day)

From these numbers it’s pretty clear how important our data and the technologies we use to make the most of the data are and that it is increasingly important to secure our computers and personal information. It also shows how much you stand to gain by using social media for business purposes.