5 Unique, Techy Gifts to Spoil Yourself (or Loved Ones!) with this Holiday

5 Unique, Techy Gifts to Spoil Yourself (or Loved Ones!) with this Holiday

December 19

The holidays are upon us, and many are headed in droves to malls and online storefronts to pick that perfect something. With all the hustle and bustle, it can be overwhelming, but why not take the edge off the busy holidays and treat yourself to something you left off your wish list? Here are a few sweet gifts you might consider giving yourself for the holidays—just make sure it’s not already on Santa’s list first.

Apple Watch

Leave it to Apple to design a gorgeous new way to tell time—and do dozens of other things. For many tech lovers, the Apple Watch is the perfect mix of form and function. Exchangeable bands mean you get the style you like, and integration with Siri means you can talk to your watch like you’re in a sci-fi novel. Best of all, the series 3 Apple Watch is water resistant and comes with its own data plan, so you can stay connected, take a quick dip in the hot springs and take some time away from the holiday madness—all at the same time!

From $329 | Online or at local Apple retailers


NOMATIC Notebook

There are hundreds of notebooks available, but the discerning scribbler might want to take note (ha!) of the NOMATIC notebook—it’s way more feature-packed than that old-school black composition notebook you may have hanging around. Not only that—it’s also very affordable. Features include storage pockets for loose sheets, an integrated pen holder, two elastic bands to keep it closed and snug, blank pages, lined pages, and even a few plastic whiteboard pages. The 3 ribbons help you section off your notebook any way you see fit. Best of all? It’s built with high-quality materials inside and out, and even stays open when it’s flat on your desk.

$14.99 |


DJI Mavic Pro

As far as super-rad consumer-grade drones go, the Mavic Pro flies the highest. Its small, foldable design makes it extremely portable, it can travel up to 40 MPH, is easy to use, and it can read your hand gestures, so you can snap photos without touching the joysticks. With 4K video capabilities at 30 frames per second, the DJI Mavic Pro is one of the coolest, quickest ways to get incredible aerial photography without investing big bucks. Plus, with such speed, you might even find a new hobby in drone racing.

$899 |DJI Store

folding drone - techy gifts blog post

Raspberry Pi 3

These tiny, inexpensive computers give you a blank palette to build just about anything you can dream of. Maybe you want an emulator station for all those old Mario games you love? Maybe you want a small jukebox that plays songs from your personal music library? You might even want to use it as part of a smart home equipped with a Wi-Fi alarm system. With limitless possibilities in a small-but-powerful package, the Raspberry Pi is a tech tinkerer’s dream, and it’s only 35 bucks.

$35 |


LulzBot Mini Desktop 3D Printer

3D printers let you create just about anything from tiny computer parts to toys for the little ones. One of the best ways to get into 3D printing is with the LulzBot Mini Desktop 3D Printer. Made for quick out-of-the-box use, this 3D printer keeps itself level and even cleans itself, so you can worry less about messes and more about creating something awesome. Using your printer along with Cura 3D printing software, you can create 3D models on your computer and simply click “print” when you’re ready to make it—it’s really that simple. And hey, maybe you can 3D print some gifts for your friends and coworkers? It’s truly the gift that keeps on giving.

$1100 |


Honorable mentions

While still cool, there are a few that didn’t quite make the full list. If you need a couple more ideas, take a peek at these:

  • Soylent | $34 for 12 bottles. Drinkable food with all the nutrients you need, nothing you don’t.
  • Amazon Echo Dot | $29.99. Neat way to add Alexa to any room, and to give a voice to your smart home.
  • Rosewill RGB Keyboard | $37.99. Fully programmable RGB keyboard. Incredibly neat, if a little impractical.
  • Audio-Technica M50x studio headphones | $128.98. Comfy, power-packed, studio quality headphones without that high-end studio price—they’re a massive top-seller for a reason.

Happy holidays!