5 Best Tech Releases of 2014

5 Best Tech Releases of 2014

December 8

This year definitely saw its share of technology releases. From the iPhone 6 to Samsung Galaxy S4 to Microsoft Surface Pro 3, people were lined up all over the country to get their hands on the latest gadgets and products.

I pulled together some of the best of the best from this year as reported by various media. I did not attempt to rank them (partly because I don’t want to play favorites), so I will just lay them all out for you.

Samsung Galaxy Gear Smartwatch. Photo credit: Kārlis Dambrāns via Flickr

Samsung Galaxy Gear Smartwatch. Photo credit: Kārlis Dambrāns via Flickr

Wearable tech: Check any gym in the country, and you may find those sophisticated sweaters sporting one of these devices. Though most are anticipating the availability of the Apple iWatch in early 2015, several Android smart watches hit the scene to big fanfare. Expect them to get more fashionable next year to compete with Apple’s. The Moto360 already is bridging that gap.



Apple iPhone 6

Apple iPhone 6. Photo Credit: yannikachternbosch via Flickr

Phones: I’m sure by now you have already seen the YouTube video of the first person in Perth, Australia buying the iPhone 6 only to drop it on the ground mere seconds after opening the box. In the future that guy will either make sure his phone has a protective case before leaving the store, or he won’t stop to talk to reporters. It’s also clever of Apple to secure Jimmy Fallon and Justin Timberlake as spokesman. However, I think the year belonged to Samsung. Most of their products were well-received and for good reason.



Android Lollipop v. 5.0. Photo credit: Tayla Lyell via Flickr

Android Lollipop v. 5.0. Photo credit: Tayla Lyell via Flickr

Operating systems: I’ll start with iOS 8. This version had updates for apps, a new way to share content and ironically added some Android features, CNET reported. Apple also came out with its Mac OS X 10.10 Yosemite. It also features a new interface between the Mac and other iOS devices. My computer keeps asking if I want to upgrade to this, but I’m still considering the benefits. Over on the Android side was Android 5.0 Lollipop, Google’s sweet upgrade that included a new design and lets devices running on the same OS talk to each other.



Sony's massive 84" 4K TV. Photo credit: X-money via Flickr.

Sony’s massive 84″ 4K TV. Photo credit: X-money via Flickr.

4K TVs: Before you say anything, yes, these were announced before this year, however in 2014, these televisions became available in the U.S. for under $1,000, so I’m putting them on the list.



Security systems: Though it was supposed to be out last year, the Goji smart lock’s crowdfunded shipment was delaying until this year. However, in its wake have come some creative security systems. Blink, which funded on Kickstarter, also came out this year touted as the “first totally wire-free smart HD home monitoring and alert system.” (In full disclosure, I tried to get in on this, but missed the cut-off.)

This wasn’t out at the time I was writing this, but I’m looking forward to the Polaroid Socialmatic camera. Given all of the gadgets out there now, as a child of the 1980s, this is one of the few that we can say reminds us of childhood.

I’m sure we will be returning next year with a similar list, but if you just can’t wait, lists upcoming tech product releases.

Photo credit: Fabrizio Sciami via Flickr