3 Inexpensive IT Education Ideas for Busy MSP Staff

3 Inexpensive IT Education Ideas for Busy MSP Staff

November 21

IT is more than just a monotonous career where you come to work and work on the same equipment. IT professionals (especially managed service providers) need to keep up with their skills and IT education. Managed service providers (MSPs) take care of the provisioning, maintenance and daily tasks needed to take care of a variety of websites. The cloud offers several options for website owners, and the options continue to grow. For that reason, MSPs need training each year. Training can be expensive, but companies can offer training without spending too much money and resources.

Pluralsight Videos

Pluralsight is a series of online training videos that many companies have adopted as a way to train technical employees. This site has several targeted videos for beginner and advanced topics. Because the videos are delivered on the Internet, you can give staff accounts and let them watch the training videos during free-time. There are so many options with Pluralsight that staff can watch videos even on weekends.


Webinars are short seminars delivered over the web. These seminars are great for training and personal advancement. Several sites offer free or paid webinars, and the employee can watch the presentation from work or during off-peak times. Some companies offer webinars internally, so you can train staff on specific, proprietary software or hardware.

Google Helpouts

Google recently launched a product similar to Hangouts called Helpouts. Google Helpouts are a place where you can get advice, learn and help out others. The price ranges for each Helpout host, but if your staff wants to learn anything related to IT, Google Helpouts is a fun, inexpensive way to learn about a certain topic or train people.

These three technologies are inexpensive and available at any hour from anywhere in the world. Employees can also order books and read white papers to learn more information, but online seminars and videos are more convenient. Some people find videos a better way to communicate ideas. Online media is quickly becoming a more affordable, and convenient way to learn technologies rather than sending employees to expensive training classes.

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